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Enter the world of photoaromatic skin care products YONKA Paris. YONKA unveils your true beauty with the living forces of nature found in flowers, leaves, fruits, barks roots, seeds, medicinal herbs from the fields, woods and mountains and marine plant life.

At the heart of YONKA’s skin care lines for face, body, sun care and men, is a natural armotic composition of lavender, cypress, rosemary, thyme and gernaium essential oils: “The 5 Quintesessence E.O.”. This exclusive formula is blended with a wealth of plant extracts from all over the world

Our face care collection provides a highly personalized and effective range of natural, soft and fresh products, all designed to awaken your natural beauty with flawless, timeless and luminous skin.

History of YONKA

Yonka was founded in 1954 by botanist brothers, Charles and Ernest muhlethaler, near Paris, France, together the perfected a process for stabilizing essential oils in water- based emulsions. This was the beginning of what become yonka, a pioneer of esthetic aromatherapy and physiotherapy. Over the years, yonka has established a reputation for consistently offering high-quality skin care products.

Yonka is a natural-botanical based extremely effective professional line of skin care that naturally uses aromatherapy, also called aromatic oil. This essential oil is the volatile and fragrant part of the plant and quickly penetrate the body, both through the skin ( skin action) and the respiratory tract ( psychotropic action) . These products are not tested on animals, contain fresh collagen and hyaluronic acid which are acknowledged for their anti- aging effects, and day and or nighttime anti aging treatments such as duo optimizer, consist of both a serum and moisturizing cream to be used in conjunction with one another for optimal results.


Pamper your skin

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